The Guild of Heroes

The Goblin Job

Headmaster Morgan Freeman hand picked a group of the most irritating initiates for a particularly foolish job. A goblin named Jorgen came pleading for the Guilds help to stop an evil human warlord and his bandit army from wiping out his people. The Warlord turned out to be the Sheriff of the nearby town Canningham, and his army was just some woodsman and hunters. Canningham had enough of the goblin raids and decided to hunt them down and crucify their bodies as a warning to others. The Sheriff tries to hire the guild, but the Players had a differant idea… Instead of helping one side kill the other, the players convinced them to live together in harmoney…

In order to keep the players close as far as xp i have decided to increase the encunter xp for this quest to 1600xp per player
Treasure gained was various art and valuables, a spyglass, and masterwork mantacles.

Bugbear Barrio
Rebuilding the training grounds.

Dr Rokea, an intelligent cuttlefish controlling a large iron golem has hired a small group of guild members to rebuild the training grounds that were collapsed earlier.

The adventurer’s travelled to a nearby town. The town used to be supported by a mine nearby, but the mine shut down. The sheer poverty of the town prevented anyone from being able to move away. However, skilled labor was available, and Bozz Bozzson, expert trapsmith was hired to upgrade the new cave with traps.

The town was threatened by a gang of bugbears that would rob the former miners. A condition of the new employment was ridding the town of the bugbear threat.

Players involved (as not everyone’s character has been uploaded yet): Shannon, Evan, Ashley, Chris and Robin.

Rewards: GP total is PER PLayer and is after calculating in market value and the like. Items sold are art items, gems that lack any use in magic, and commodities.
GP per player from combat and exploration: 245 gp.
GP from quest completion: 200 gp voucher to company store.
Total: 445 GP per player.
Other items gained: Masterwork Lute, Masterwork Falchion, 1x Quaal’s token (Tree), 1x potion of Bless. 1x potion of Bull’s strength. Alchemist’s fire (2 doses).

XP: 1750 per player. 2 Extremely challenging combat situations + all bonus objectives completed.

Around the Corner
Discover the mystery of the Beggars Guild

The party was introduced to John Gordon Taffer. Mr. Taffer was called in by management to evaluate the performance of the Guild and create a plan to fix their many problems. To start, he wanted the Guild to work on its massive backlog of contacts.

The party was assigned the job of meeting one Vorlor Burke, a once prominent merchant from the city of Silvermarsh, and solve his troubles with a local guild. This was a time sensitive job that needed to be worked on immediately.

Starting out
Our first real adventure

Currently, we are not posting the details of this adventure.

The rewards for this adventure were:

  • 708xp/present player
  • 10pp, 120gp, 200sp, 3000cp
  • Masterwork Siangham (worth 311gp)
  • 6 vouchers for the Guild Store with a value of 100gp each

On August 27, 2013 at 07:14 PM splurg2 said:
“Inside the treasure chest there were vouchers for the guild shop worth 100gp, one for each. Headmaster Morgan Freeman informed you that the mine was a “final test” for adventurers to graduate. You guys were not meant to go there yet, but you can keep the vouchers for your efforts, depsite failure. But the guild will have to dig out the mine and find some more kobolds to infest it…”


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