The Guild of Heroes

Bugbear Barrio

Rebuilding the training grounds.

Dr Rokea, an intelligent cuttlefish controlling a large iron golem has hired a small group of guild members to rebuild the training grounds that were collapsed earlier.

The adventurer’s travelled to a nearby town. The town used to be supported by a mine nearby, but the mine shut down. The sheer poverty of the town prevented anyone from being able to move away. However, skilled labor was available, and Bozz Bozzson, expert trapsmith was hired to upgrade the new cave with traps.

The town was threatened by a gang of bugbears that would rob the former miners. A condition of the new employment was ridding the town of the bugbear threat.

Players involved (as not everyone’s character has been uploaded yet): Shannon, Evan, Ashley, Chris and Robin.

Rewards: GP total is PER PLayer and is after calculating in market value and the like. Items sold are art items, gems that lack any use in magic, and commodities.
GP per player from combat and exploration: 245 gp.
GP from quest completion: 200 gp voucher to company store.
Total: 445 GP per player.
Other items gained: Masterwork Lute, Masterwork Falchion, 1x Quaal’s token (Tree), 1x potion of Bless. 1x potion of Bull’s strength. Alchemist’s fire (2 doses).

XP: 1750 per player. 2 Extremely challenging combat situations + all bonus objectives completed.


This world we are creating is just messed up. For map purposes, do we know what direction the town was from the guild?

Bugbear Barrio

Hi everyone, this is Chris (Gustav). Anyone mind if I keep that Masterwork Falchion? It is my main weapon and my weapon focus. Feel free to cut me out on a chunk of the gold to make up for the cost.

Bugbear Barrio

Chris, it’s fine by me

Bugbear Barrio
bigjoshiec Rikki

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