The Swapping Stones / longer adventures

I wasn’t very clear on the purpose of the Swapping Stones by the way. The reason I brought these into the game was to give everyone an option to run longer games. In other words, more than 1 night games. REAL adventures.

As an example, if Chris wanted to run a REAL adventure that might take 3 or 4 game sessions, he can do this now because we can assume we use the stone to swap party members if a player doesn’t make it.

So session 1 he might have Shannon, Evan, Charles.
Session 2 – Charles can’t make it but Adam can so he plays with Shannon, Evan, and Adam – each playing their characters.
Session 3 – All 4 of them show up so he has the whole group.

My thought process is this: At these higher levels, it makes sense to have more grand adventures and less of the “Hey, I’ve got rats in my basement – kill them” adventures.

The Swapping Stones / longer adventures

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